A few things no one may have told you

“The cyclist — Dublin, Ireland — Black and white street photography” by Giuseppe Milo (www.pixael.com) is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Learning to ride a bicycle is not exactly like learning to walk. People tell you to just try until you succeed, but falling from a bicycle is more like falling from a horse (or pony) than from your own two-foot height as a toddler. So, after some unsuccessful attempts, you concluded that cycling was not for you. Maybe your problem was just that no one taught you rule number one: before trying to drive a bicycle, you must let the bicycle drive you.

Rule 1. Let the bicycle drive

On a bicycle, turning the handlebars to the…

Summary: Not all coding is sequential. For non-specialists, the programming language is often a barrier. Whand is a simplified declarative language, intended to control external devices as a function of events and the passage of time. A Whand script essentially describes the desired result, unlike sequential languages that focus more on the means than on the goal. In Whand, many operations leading to the goal are performed implicitly. Its syntax evokes a natural language and is relatively easy to understand and to customize. Whand is also parallel, making objects independent of one another and facilitating debugging. …

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